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What are my classes like?

What does a class include?

Pranayama- different breathing practices

Asanas- different positions with lots of options and levels to make them suitable to a wide range of bodies and people. I gently guide you through these so you can participate fully.

Modifications- I adapt the poses and instructions to suit these levels.

Vinyasa -I use a flowing sequence of asanas carefully planned to develop flexibility, balance and strength. Sessions are carefully planned so that you can make real progress over time.

Shavasana-This is a restorative asana used at the end of class. We focus on resting in awareness of relaxing the body and mind to release tension and improve our sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Who is it suitable for?

Beginners and those with some experience

Men and women of all ages. I have people in their teens and eighties

Pregnant ladies with modifications

Anyone who wants to have a go, you don't have to flexible or a particular body weight or shape.

My classes are very inclusive, I aim to make them widely suitable and enjoyable.

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